Monday, April 26, 2010


So, we spent last weekend in Omaha, as you may have already read in Fiance Friday (Sunday Edition) yesterday. In addition to choosing the food, visiting the reception site for the first time since it hasn't been covered in twelve feet of snow, and FINDING A WEDDING DRESS, I also found (what I think will be) my wedding shoes!

Since we just decided last week on yellow and grey, I hadn't done a lot of shoe-searching. I've known for a while now that I wanted colored shoes to match whatever our wedding colors would be, but since we've (ok, maybe just me...) done so much switching around, I'd held off on any serious shoe searches until the decision was final.

I went to the mall on Friday, not really looking for wedding shoes at all. I walked into DSW and wandered through a few aisles just for fun, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pair of perfectly yellow shoes. They were the perfect color, perfect heel height and all! I tried them on; they had my size. They were on sale for $49.99. It was fate. I bought them. End of story.

More to come on the food tasting, reception site, and my dress, once I figure out how to post about it without my other half seeing it :)

In other news, yesterday we celebrated our 2-year anniversary. We traveled back to Tucson at different times and didn't have much time to do anything fun yet (hopefully this coming weekend), but when I arrived home, I had these waiting for me. I love love love all the different colors in this bouquet. Such a perfect coming-home present :)


  1. Darling shoes Holl:) I can't wait to hear more about the wedding preparations, especially the wedding dress part! Love and miss you.

  2. aw, so cute! the shoes and the flowers! so glad you had a profitable time in omaha!

  3. Love the shoes! ....I think you'll have to send me the style # and everything... I'll totally buy it in green! :)