Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fiancé Sunday - Special Edition

Ok, so this has nothing to do with our wedding, but in case anyone had doubts, I am now officially a Master of Arts.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Fiancé Friday #6, 7, and 8!


You don't even have to begin to tell me how late this post is! I know, I've been a terrible blogger as of late, and I have not been keeping up with my weekly duties! I thought I could start this week by giving a quick recap of the past few weeks in my life.

On May 14th, I received my Master of Arts degree in Higher Education from The University of Arizona. Of course, one of my grades is STILL not posted, so I suppose I have not "officially" graduated. Perhaps next week it will get posted? Of course, who am I to complain about something getting posted late, as I'm the one who has not blogged since the beginning of May. :) The end of the academic year, of course, meant that move-out of our residence halls was happening, meaning that I was in charge of closing my building (Closing time....You don't have to go home, but you can'

After graduation, I had two more on-campus interviews for Residence Life positions, which meant that I spent the night in four different cities in four days. Traveling can be exhausting, especially when your return flight home sits on the tarmac for over an hour and a half and makes you miss your connection, forcing you to spend an extra night in a totally different city. I'm pretty sure, though, that I'm not allowed to complain, since Frontier put me up in a nice hotel AND gave me a $200 travel voucher!

This week, I thought I would focus on wedding blogs. You might be saying to yourself, "Kevin, your blog IS a wedding blog." Now, I'm not talking about this kind of wedding blog. I'm talking about wedding blogs that give new ideas EVERY day to the future brides of the world. Of course, maybe we do a little bit of that here, but not NEARLY to the extent that it is happening elsewhere on the big WWW. In fact, there is rarely a day that goes by that this conversation does not happen...

Holl: "So, I found this cute idea today."
Me: "Oh? Where at?"
Holl: "Oh, you know, just a wedding blog I was reading."

There must be BILLIONS of these wedding blogs out there! I'm pretty sure I've never seen my beautiful fiancée read the same wedding blog more than once, unless it is, of course, There is also the wide array of bridal magazines laying around both of our apartments as well. I won't mention the disappointed look on Holl's face today when she realized that the Summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings was not out yet.... It's really quite interesting all of the blogs, books, and magazines for future brides about planning and decorating for this one day in your life. Grooms of the world, you may be sitting around asking yourself, "Where are my blogs, books, and magazines??" That, my friends, is exactly why I am here. I am here for all of you.

Anyhow, that's about it from me this week! Happy Friday everyone and have a safe Memorial Day Weekend! In case many of you are wondering about those engagement pictures we took over a month ago, we are still waiting on them. Hopefully we should have them by next week and we can share them. :)

Peace, love, and grooms,


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fun yellow print!

Short post today, because I am busy busy busy studying for my last final of the year tonight at 5 (wish me luck!) My bff and bridesmaid Ruth posted this print on her blog awhile ago, and I finally broke down and purchased it this morning via madebygirl. I think it'll make a great decoration at our reception :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fiancé Friday #5!

Hello blog-o-sphere!

So, last week, I gave you all just a little teaser of what I was going to talk about this week on the blog. I know you all have been waiting anxiously to hear about all of the stories that accompanied this experience. I know I have been anxious to tell them!

Ok, so last weekend Holl and I finally bit the bullet and started our registry. First off, can I just say that I think there should be such a thing as birthday, graduation, and Christmas registries as well? Shoot, I would even be on board with a Thanksgiving registry! The concept of registering for things you need/want is outstanding! Mad props to whoever came up with this idea!

Last Saturday, our journey began about 1:oopm. Of course, we started at none other than Target. Fun fact and side note, Target's former CEO is an alum of the institution I interviewed with this week. Anyways, back to the reason hy you are reading. I must say, I've never had so much fun in Target. We were in Target for over THREE HOURS. Let me just say a few great things about Target. When you sign up to register at Target, THEY GIVE YOU FREE THINGS!!! We got this whole pack of coupons, ideas, a Flikr gift card, the whole works!

Then it happened........

They gave us the gun.........

Now, if that doesn't say power, I'm not sure what exactly does! We got to go around the store and shoot anything with the gun that we wanted! It. Was. AWESOME! We registered for lots of things that we need, and even a few things that we just would like. Yes, you will even find some things on the registry that I put on the list when Holl may not have been looking. ;) And if you are wondering if you can buy us a Blu-Ray plaer that has the Netflix capabilities, the answer is yes. :)

After our epic trip to target, we headed to Bed Bath and Beyond, which was definitely fun, but nowhere near as fun as Target! We had a little more "supervision" at BBB than the free reigns we were given at Target. And if you were wondering if you can get me the hand towel with my initial on it, the answer is, of course, yes! :)

I will leave you all with a few pictures from our extravaganza! Next Friday, I will be going through the second of my graduation ceremonies, so I may just be posting about that. You'll just have to wait and see!

Until then,


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY Photobooth

Inspired by Sara and Matt from one of our favorite wedding blogs, 2000 Dollar Wedding, Kevin and I have been thinking of ways in which our reception can be not only a celebration of our love, but also a fun party for all of our cherished guests to enjoy.

One of our favorite new(ish) wedding trends is the photobooth. Think being an eighth grader and going to the mall with your friends and taking those cheesy photobooth pictures that then print out on that little strip. You loved it, right? We did too. Since this has started to become fairly popular at wedding receptions, more and more places are popping up that are renting out these things out to couples. Downside: they. are. expensive. Really expensive. As in renting one of these for the day would cost more than double what it cost us for our entire venue. That's just not going to happen.

Fortunately, people are creative. Not me, not so much Kevin (sorry, I love you, can't even cut a straight line), but lots and lots of other people. Popping up now are lots of do-it-yourself photobooth tutorials, many of which we've started to check out.

This woman bought a high thread count sheet and painted a pattern on the sheet reflecting her wedding colors. Easy enough. Here's the tutorial.

The hardware is another story. We don't have a fancy schmancy camera yet. Again, thank goodness for the creative people of this world. The folks over at sevenEightcline have put together a program that works with their Mac, uses the camera within their computer, takes a shot, and then automates to print out 2x6's (photostrip size like in real photobooths) through an attached photo printer. Genius! All you have to do is make a donation to their program, and it's all yours.

I'm excited to take on this project and have it as a fun activity at our own reception. Stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inspiration Board!

A yellow + gray + fun decoration ideas inspiration board I made up a few days ago. Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Preview

Hello all!

I just thought I would take a second to give you a preview for next Friday....Today we went registry shopping.....Yes, lots of stories will be told next week...I hope you are all anxiously witing in suspense for next Friday! :)