The Proposal

November 7, 2009

It was a Saturday afternoon, and Hollyanne was sitting in Kevin's apartment studying for a Biostats test she had the next week. At 4:00, she got a phone call on Skype from Creighton friends Nikki and Katie, who told her that they weren't calling just to chat. They told Hollyanne to go to Kevin's car, take a picture, text the picture to them, then wait for instructions.

Hollyanne quickly changed out of her sweatpants as she had an idea of what was happening. They walked to Kevin's car and Hollyanne took a picture, send it to Nikki, and a few minutes later got a response saying to call her friend Ashly. Hollyanne called Ashly, who told her to go to she and Kevin's favorite frozen yogurt place, then text her a picture. Hollyanne and Kevin headed to BTO, their favorite local place for ice cream, and after eating their ice cream, Hollyanne sent a picture on to Ashly. Ashly then told Hollyanne to call her best friend Jolie, who then told Hollyanne and Kevin to head to their favorite place to watch the sunset. They headed out to Gates Pass in Tucson, where Hollyanne texted Jolie a picture just as the sun was setting. Jolie told Hollyanne that Kevin had her next clue...

Kevin then told Hollyanne how much he loved her, how happy she made him, and how he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her...and asked her to marry him! Hollyanne promptly said yes :)