Friday, April 16, 2010

Fiance Friday #2!

Hello out there in the blog-o-sphere! It's Friday, and everyone knows that means it's Fiance Friday and time for a post from me!!

Give the topic of my fiancée's last post, I thought I would talk a little this week about change. You see, I've learned a little something about wedding planning during these last six months of engagement, and that is that many plans can never REALLY be set in stone. For instance, let's refer back to the color situation. First, my beautiful bride-to-be wanted pink. I'm pretty sure I spoke for grooms-to-be everywhere when I strongly suggested we try a different color. Then, we took a trip to Home Depot (see previous post) and were pretty settled on more of a pomegranate color. I then came up with the fantastic idea of green! Who doesn't love green? I think we've been set on green for about the last four months or so. Then, this week, one of those crazy wedding blogs (I guess I can't call them too crazy, as perhaps you could classify this blog in with those) had pictures from a wedding with gray and yellow (See Holl's last post). My beautiful fiancée immediately fell in love with it, so now I believe those are the colors we are going with.

Ok, now here's where I make my point (those who know me, know that I tend to be a little verbose before getting to the point of things). Did I like the pomegranate? Absolutely. Did I like the green? Absolutely. Do I like the yellow and gray? Absolutely. Will I like the next color palette (I'm not saying there is going to be another one)? Absolutely (unless it's pink). Change happens a lot when you are planning a wedding. It's important to roll with the punches! For those of you who have taken StrengthsQuest (NERD ALERT), my #3 is Adaptability. :)

That's it from me for this week! For those of you counting, there are only 62 more Fridays until we get married! Stay tuned for next week when I am on-location in Omaha! We will be showing the reception venue to my parents. We will also be doing something I am REALLY looking forward to.....TASTING THE CATERING!!!!

Until then,


PS - For those who said I needed a picture with my blog you go!


  1. yes, but a picture relevant to the post. sigggghhh. good thing you have 62 more weeks to nail this down.

  2. big ballons?! i love! oh my, i CAN NOT WAIT to see your pics!

    and yes, we must chat about outfits. i'm particularly loving the "everywhere dress" at anthro right now, but it's pricey, and im not sure i can afford a new outfit for the pics. it's lovely, though.

    what are you thinking about wearing??