Friday, April 30, 2010

celebrating two years in love.

Last Sunday, the 25th, marked our 2-year anniversary. However, since we were in Omaha, we were (mostly) unable to celebrate together. Tonight we had a belated celebration, with dinner at Fleming's followed by a short stint at the casino in an (failed) attempt to win back all of the money with spent on dinner. Plus, I got to wear my new dress that I may or may not have bought specifically for this occasion..... :) All in all, a great night and a lovely way to commemorate our second year together. A few pics:

can't wait for all the years to come.



  1. adorable. I can see this picture on your desk in 30 years :)

  2. Is it sad I abused my Hall Director role and knocked on my RA's door to take this picture?

  3. A solid button down shirt, friend. Happiness. (laughs) YOU KNOW.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. oh, i love that dress with the belt. good choice, holl :D