Friday, August 6, 2010

Fiancé Friday

Hello blog-o-sphere!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Fiance Friday! I know that I sure did! For those who are unaware, I have begun a new job at The University of Arizona! You know you've really hit it big when you have your very own retirement plan! :) It must mean I'm a grown-up!

Today's post is more of an advertisement. It's not the kind of advertisement that you change the channel for (I'm looking at you Meghan). Maybe it's less like an advertisement, and more like a preview. However, it's not like the kind of preview you skip because you get to the movie late. This is the kind of preview that has been hyped up on that thing we refer to as the "internet." It's the kind of preview that you wait anxiously for, refreshing your web browser at work every 30 seconds to see if it has posted on the Apple website (that shoutout is for you, Dad), only to quickly minimize it as your boss walks by. This is the kind of preview you see, then send out the link to all of your followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook.

Yes, this is a HUGE preview. I would say that it's even huge-er than when the Deathly Hallows preview first came online. Yes, folks, we are talking J.K. Rowling kind of big! This preview for what is about to come from "Two Become One" is EPIC.

"What on Earth could this preview be for?" You ask. Well, we've got some big announcements on the horizon. Hold on to your cheesy poofs, folks, because people will be talking about what is to come for CENTURIES ahead. I've got you curious now, don't I? What if I ended this post here, without ever giving you the preview of what is to come? Then, I suppose this would be more of a preview for the preview. Perhaps this post could just end, as The Sopranos series finale did several years ago, and just go to a black screen, leaving you guessing.

Well, I suppose that would just be mean of me to leave you all hanging (not to mention, I am on my way out the door for Salsa dancing lessons!). So, here are a few HUGE things to come from us here at Two Become One.

1. A BIG announcement from me!
2. A BIG announcement from the both of us!
3. Another open letter to Ms. Martha Stewart. Yes, I'm giving her a bit more time to respond to my first letter, but another letter is definitely in order! Watch out Martha, I'm coming after you!

Have a great week everyone!

Peace, Love, and Previews,



  1. Kevin - you are too mean! :) When I see previews, etc. I at least get to know the date when the big announcement, etc is to happen. You really know how to leave a mom hanging.

  2. When is the announcement coming? I am about to start crying.

  3. Just in case you might think that no one cares about the big announcement, or a Fiance Friday...well, I CARE!!!! I keep checking the blog to see the big announcement! I check every Friday for Fiance Friday! I am a loyal blog checker, Kevin!!!! Be a loyal Blogger! :)