Tuesday, August 10, 2010

B-I-G Announcement

Okay, so maybe it's not that big.

If you've been following the blog, you'll have noticed that in last Friday's post Kevin announced that there would be a couple of big annoucements coming up. As much as I wish I could share Kevin's big annoucement, he'll have to handle that one on his own (but he should do it very soon...cough, cough, hint, hint). As for our big announcement, that one I can share...

drum roll please.

We're going to run a marathon!
For those of you who don't know, Kevin and I ran our first half-marathon this past January...with no training. No, we're not that badass. We were mostly, well, stupid. We couldn't move for several days afterwards and didn't run again for several weeks. But for some reason, we masochists are coming back for more. In an effort to see how we would do in a race we have actually trained for, as well as getting in shape for our upcoming wedding, we have decided to go all out and register for the Holualoa Tucson Marathon this December 12.
The training plan we're following is eighteen lonnggggg weeks, which makes this week numero uno. Luckily for us, the training plan started yesterday with our favorite day: rest day! (There are two rest days each week, as well as one cross-training day). So, today marks the real first day of training: 3 miles. We think we can handle that.
We'll be updating on the blog (probably weekly) about our training progress and whether or not we've died or quit yet. We're hoping to make the blog more about our relationship AND our wedding, rather than just our wedding, so this is just one of the many things you'll start to see included here.

from Kevin:

Hi all!

So, as you all now know, we are running a marathon. Now, I know that none of you have doubts when it comes to my beautiful fiance finishing this race. I mean, really, there is no way that she's not going to finish. Many of you know I nearly collapsed (Ok, not really collapsed, but couldn't walk for several days afterwards) after doing a half-marathon back in January. I have a plan this time, though (besides Hal Higdon's 18-week plan). The beauty of this marathon is that it's all DOWNHILL! In fact, from the starting line to the finishing line, you LOSE 1800 feet in elevation! So, here's the plan. If I get tired during the race, I'm going to stop, lie on the ground, and just ROLL the rest of the way! Whoever came up with this marathon course was a GENIUS! There is NO WAY that I can't finish!! In all seriousness, though, I am excited about the challenge of running this marathon. Who knows if I'm going to finish, but, as many of you know, I'm just crazy enough to try! :)

kevin & i at the p.f. chang's half-marathon - january 2010. somehow standing.


  1. a big woot! & hooray! for you two!

  2. Kevin - Kimani came up with the idea for you to get the shoes with the roller skate wheel on the bottom so you can just roll through the race that way. :)

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the best idea EVER!!!

  4. Do we get the other big announcement in Fiance Friday?