Monday, December 6, 2010

What happens in Vegas...makes you really exhausted.

This weekend, Kevin and I went to Vegas to celebrate Kevin's 26th birthday (which is today, so make sure you wish him a happy day!). We had a fab-u-lous time but are totally exhausted this morning upon our arrival back in Tucson.

Here's just a snapshot of what we did in Sin City:
-watched the fountains at the Bellagio, which played to Christmas music!
-visited the M&M store, and spent way to much money on color-coordinated bags of M&M's for gifts
-played the penny slots, not only because they're cheap and strangely fun, but because we got free drinks every morning while playing!
-drank frozen drinks even though it was freeeeeeezing!
-watched the Circus Circus circus
-tried on silly hats at Urban Outfitters
-cheered on the marathon and half-marathon runners in the Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon
-pretended like we were actually in Paris when we walked through Paris Las Vegas
-spent all day Saturday trying to figure out how to get free nightclub passes, secured passes to 3 clubs, and then fell asleep at our hotel after getting all dressed up
-ate at the Rio Carnival World Buffet Champagne Brunch, and then had a food coma
-walked around Fremont Street and visited the original Vegas casinos, and I had my first fried oreo - delicious!

Happy birthday Kevin! Only 4 more years until you are THIRTY!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Also, I love the picture of you with the Ernie hat!

  2. LOL I always tease Ryan about how close to 30 he is! (he'll be 30 NEXT YEAR! ;))...I miss your blogging! Blog more for petes sake! haha

    Big hugs to both of you!!!! So adorable!