Friday, December 17, 2010

Fiance Friday - Life Update!

Hello blog-o-sphere!

I know it has been quite a while since you have heard from Mr. Groom-To-Be! As you all finish up your holiday shopping, remember to get the groom-to-be in your life something special. If you are looking to get me a present and you live in the Midwest, a six-pack of Boulevard Wheat or Boulevard Nutcracker Ale is always the perfect gift! :).
So, since the last time I wrote, several things have happened. Let’s go through a couple of those.

Hollyanne and I took a trip to Las Vegas over my birthday weekend. We stayed at Circus Circus hotel right on the Strip, which was really fun! Unfortunately, we didn’t hit it big like we were hoping. In fact, on the Friday night we got there, I officially lost $20 in 5-10 minutes. However, after a stroke of luck on the Nebraska football game, as well as the penny slots, we only ended up down $19. Not bad for Vegas, right? Overall, it was definitely a great time! If you haven’t been to Vegas, you MUST go! I would highly recommend it to anyone!

I am very excited to announce that yesterday, I accepted a new position at the University of Arizona! I will now be a Coordinator in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership! I’ll be working with a variety of programs in the department, developing student leaders. I’m definitely very excited about this opportunity!

Anyhow, this weekend for us includes volunteering with the Tucson Community Food Bank at the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning at 6th and Irvington. If you are in Tucson, come check it out and get some great local produce! Also, we are going to check out the Winterhaven Festival of Lights tonight, which is an annual Tucson event! As I’ve never been to it before, I’m definitely looking forward to walking through!

That’s about it from me! I hope you all are doing well and are having a great weekend!

Peace, Love, and Grooms,

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  1. Kev,
    Congrats on your new job; that sounds dynamite, and you'll be able to affect a lot of people and grow in your own leadership skills that way. It will look pretty good on an app to a Jesuit university one of these days, I presume :)