Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Updates! ...and October

Hello dear readers!

My apologies for not having updated recently, but it's because the future Mr. and I have been busy little {wedding planning} bees. With just eight months and some amount of days that I'm too lazy to count, we'll be man & wife, and as the date gets closer, we seem to get busier and busier. In the past few weeks, we have:

-constructed the world's largest paper chain to count down to our wedding date
-designed our save-the-date cards (part template, part our additions), to be sent shortly
-searched for, found, and purchased the perfect envelopes (found here) for said save-the-dates (ok, ok, so it was mostly me who did this)
-{I} begun addressing save-the-dates. BY HAND. let's just say that was a bad idea.
-purchased and begun design on our place cards & table numbers (without revealing too much, i will say they involve these mini-chalkboards)
-researched and decided on a wedding favor (which we will also be making...God-willing)
-booked our wedding night hotel at a will-be-kept-undisclosed location :)
-{almost} completed our wedding registries
-{Kevin} continues to plot his attack on the Martha Stewart regime...
-painted most of our apartment, with the help of our lovely friend claudia
-{I} found, purchased, and just recently received my wedding DRESS & veil, and they are both absolutely perfect; to all of you future brides out there, i highly recommend searching for your dream (but often unaffordable) designer dress through preownedweddingdresses.com; you'll get a much better deal, have more money to spend on other parts of your wedding, AND help someone repurpose an item that was very special to them.

and, most exciting of them all...
-research honeymoon options, and although we haven't decided or booked anything yet, are leaning towards this Caribbean cruise - woot!

we've also been working on a total redesign of the blog, which we will hopefully be launching the beginning of next week! we are super excited and we hope you all will love it.

in other news, IT'S OCTOBER, which means it's my favorite month. (usually). it's finally starting to cool down in tucson, and we're looking forward to many things this month:
-tucson beer festival next weekend
-pumpkin picking & pumpkin carving & {mostly} pumpkin eating
-my dear friend & bridesmaid Ashly's visit towards the end of the month
-and, mostly, it NOT being 113 degrees everyday

more updates soon!


kevin & i before last week's arizona-cal game; go wildcats!

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  1. you two look great in your pic - very cute! i absolutely cannot wait to visit - a couple more weeks to go! :)