Wednesday, June 2, 2010

place cards + assigned seating

hello all!

my apologies for the lack of posting later, but we've been incredibly busy: in the last few weeks, kevin and i have finished up countless papers and tests, kevin graduated with his masters degree!!, kevin's parents + his aunt and uncle + my parents and sister all came to tucson to visit, and i moved out of my apartment. all of this while trying to enjoy our last few weeks together in tucson before i say adios for the summer and head to the dominican republic.

anyways, enough about our busy lives. today's post is about place cards and assigned seating. it's one of the topics that my dear fiancé and i have debated against each other since november. i like place cards. and assigned seating. perhaps it's my obsessive need for order and to be prepared, but as a wedding guest, i like going to a wedding and knowing where i'm supposed to sit. i trust the bride and groom to be intentional about where each guest sits, and i look forward to sitting near both people i already know and people i haven't yet met. kevin, on the other hand, wants people to sit at whichever table they want. i'm not necessarily opposed to this idea.

okay, so, a little confession: one of the reasons why i'm so into assigned seating is because i love the idea of designing and making my own place cards. it's not really so much about the assigned seating; it's just that i like arts and crafts, and want to add those personal touches to our wedding whenever i can. kevin blames martha stewart for giving me all these ideas that i would have never had otherwise (see the upcoming Fiance Friday post for more on his sentiments).

what do you all think? as a guest, how do you feel about assigned seating?

until then, some cute place card ideas:


  1. I vote YES to assigned seats. It gives me anxiety when I walk into a wedding reception with my family of six because I worry that I won't get to sit with Dan because there won't be room for the two of us to sit with the two little kids. AND I'm totally with you, Hollyanne, on the personal touches through arts and crafts!

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  3. I vote yes on assigned seating. I have also been at wedding where there hasn't been any and it has worked out.

  4. You know, you can always make place cards and have them in a centralized location, everybody picks them up and just places it where they end up sitting. So Kevin can have what he wants and you can still make place cards/seat holders. I was going to say, it would be necessary for food, but you guys are doing buffet style.

    Just a thought.

  5. It depends :) If I know a lot of people at the wedding, I want to choose where I sit and with who. If I don't know anyone - please put me at a fun table so I'm not stuck by myself at the loser table in the corner since I don't know anyone. Does that help?! :)

  6. DEFINITELY USE at least assigned tables. (Perhaps that can be your happy medium/compromise, assigned tables but not assigned seats?)... I have experienced the worst, more than once - a wedding reception where there were not enough seats for everyone because people who did not RSVP or people who RSVP'd "no" still showed up... Now, at our wedding, we did still have "ghost tables" - tables with no placecards so that if people showed up they'd have a plaec to sit... however at least I knew for SURE that every guest who RSVPd would have a seat...that was comforting for me. Plus I'm obsessed with both organization and crafts, so I'm with you Hol...

    But really, Kevin, it's important to do it so that you make sure every RSVPing individual has a place to sit at your reception. :)

  7. PS - one of those weddings with the not-enough-seats-issue was one my brother, his wife, and their 1 year old had driven to town for...they had to leave the reception and go elsewhere to get something to eat, there was literally no room for them...and they had RSVPd!