Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Engagement anniversary!

This Sunday marked one year that Kevin and I have been engaged, and 230 days until our marriage begins! What did we choose to do to celebrate this momentous occasion?


Grocery shop.

Okay, maybe we did a little more than that. Kevin did buy me these lovely flowers at the store. He is so lucky that I love carnations, aka the cheapest flower on the planet :) I really do, though. It's weird.
Then we decided to make ratatouille, one of our fave dishes but one that we rarely make. We used about ten different vegetables, almost all of which were from the farmer's market that we recently started volunteering at. The recipe called for chicken, but we decided to keep it vegetarian. We're considering becoming vegetarian...more on that later. For now, we'll just call ourselves "meat minimalists." Anyways, I don't have the recipe right now, but I'll post it in another post when I do. I highly recommend it.

We also decided to make something sweet. I hadn't made brie in a long time, and recently found a recipe I wanted to try, so we went for it. It was absolutely delicious. The recipe for "Holiday Brie en croute" can be found here

Last but not least we decided to hit the batting cages. This was my first time at a batting cage, so naturally I was scared at first, but once I discovered that slow-pitch softball is indeed quite slow, everything was a-ok! All in all, it was a great way to spend our engagement anniversary :)

How did you all spend YOUR weekend?


  1. oh lord, you're weekend is making my weekend sound like a pathetic sack of potatoes. i cleaned the house and did math. the end. lame-o, eh?

  2. you would compare your weekend to potatoes. you're so idaho now. :)

  3. Becoming vegetarian?! Whhoaaaaa! We really need to catch up! Regardless, I'll support you. :). But is there a chance that I'll intentionally order a steak with you? Yes. And yay for batting cages!

  4. That Brie recipe looks amazing! Will have to try it :-)