Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fiancé Tuesday!

Hello Blog-o-sphere!

Ok, you don't even have to say it. It's about time. Living the bachelor life for the summer has been really busy! I don't think I ever realized how much people really looked forward to reading the postings on the blog! Of course, when you move in with two faithful readers (Hi Mom and Dad!), of course you are going to hear about how much they have missed reading the blog! I figured I would spend some time tonight updating everyone on the last couple of months of life!

After a 6-month search for a job, several on-campus interviews, many hours spent in airports and hotels, all roads led back to The University of Arizona! I ended up having the opportunity to come back and work with Hall Operations and student staff selection! Not to mention, of course, I get to hang out with my super-awesome Fiancée all year! :) So, after traveling the country post-graduation, and then moving back to Kansas City, I packed up and headed BACK to the desert! Thanks to Ma Cleary, Meghan, and Julie for all of the help moving and unloading!

In wedding-related news, I went to my friend Katie's wedding (see her blog here) in June in Jamestown, ND! A couple of friends and I road-tripped 13-hours each way from Kansas City. Needless to say, it was a fun-packed weekend, getting to see lots of old college friends, as well as seeing Katie and Levi declare their love and commitment to each other. :) While at their wedding, I got to experience my first Garter Auction. Now, growing up in the city, I have never experienced this at a wedding reception. It's hard to explain, so I thought I would just link to a YouTube video of one. Thanks to all for the great time in Jamestown!

In terms of our wedding, we have a little sad news to share. We are currently in the market to find another priest to witness our marriage (the priest doesn't marry us, we marry each other :) ). The Jesuit we had asked has a family wedding on the same day, so once Holl gets back to the states (SUNDAY!!) we will decide on another priest. Stay tuned. :) In some good news, however, he will still be doing all of our marriage prep, so that's very exciting for us! :)

Before I sign off here, I wanted to give a shout out to our friends at both A Baltimore Bridal Blog and Remember That Time We Got Engaged?. Fun folks doing some great blogging about their wedding-planning adventures!

That's about it from me for now! Expect some regular updating once again, now that life has slowed back down to a normal pace and I'm not in four different cities in three days anymore. :)

Peace, Love, and Wedding Planning,


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  1. Thanks for the update, Kevin. I am glad to see that Hollyanne will not come home and see her last blog as the most recent posting. :)