Friday, May 7, 2010

Fiancé Friday #5!

Hello blog-o-sphere!

So, last week, I gave you all just a little teaser of what I was going to talk about this week on the blog. I know you all have been waiting anxiously to hear about all of the stories that accompanied this experience. I know I have been anxious to tell them!

Ok, so last weekend Holl and I finally bit the bullet and started our registry. First off, can I just say that I think there should be such a thing as birthday, graduation, and Christmas registries as well? Shoot, I would even be on board with a Thanksgiving registry! The concept of registering for things you need/want is outstanding! Mad props to whoever came up with this idea!

Last Saturday, our journey began about 1:oopm. Of course, we started at none other than Target. Fun fact and side note, Target's former CEO is an alum of the institution I interviewed with this week. Anyways, back to the reason hy you are reading. I must say, I've never had so much fun in Target. We were in Target for over THREE HOURS. Let me just say a few great things about Target. When you sign up to register at Target, THEY GIVE YOU FREE THINGS!!! We got this whole pack of coupons, ideas, a Flikr gift card, the whole works!

Then it happened........

They gave us the gun.........

Now, if that doesn't say power, I'm not sure what exactly does! We got to go around the store and shoot anything with the gun that we wanted! It. Was. AWESOME! We registered for lots of things that we need, and even a few things that we just would like. Yes, you will even find some things on the registry that I put on the list when Holl may not have been looking. ;) And if you are wondering if you can buy us a Blu-Ray plaer that has the Netflix capabilities, the answer is yes. :)

After our epic trip to target, we headed to Bed Bath and Beyond, which was definitely fun, but nowhere near as fun as Target! We had a little more "supervision" at BBB than the free reigns we were given at Target. And if you were wondering if you can get me the hand towel with my initial on it, the answer is, of course, yes! :)

I will leave you all with a few pictures from our extravaganza! Next Friday, I will be going through the second of my graduation ceremonies, so I may just be posting about that. You'll just have to wait and see!

Until then,



  1. Just checked and can't find your registry. I wanted to be nosy.

  2. Kevin, I don't even know you (yet), but I'm pretty sure you and my husband are going to be best friends.

    That gun was the only reason he agreed to go back to Target a second time.